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It’s Time to Make Your Voice Heard – Tell Your Local Media That the Bishops Do Not Speak For All Catholics

As you know, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently ruled that under the Affordable Care Act, no-copay contraceptive coverage would be made available to employees of Catholic institutions and their family members who receive benefits. This was an important victory for the many women and men who need contraception coverage.

Unfortunately, the hierarchy of the Catholic church sees the decision differently. The bishops will stop at nothing to repeal this important decision. They have begun an all-out blitz in an attempt to portray the HHS ruling as an “attack” on Catholics. We know this is not true – we know that Catholics throughout the country use contraception. It is time to tell our local media that the bishops are out of touch with the lived reality of the Catholic people. The bishops do not speak for us on this decision!

Contact your local newspapers and submit a letter to the editor today. Make sure to include your own personal story – it is critical that our community hears our stories, as Catholics who support this important provision that will make contraception accessible for millions of women and men.

Tell your local newspapers, television channels and blogs that:

  • Catholics overwhelmingly reject the bishops’ views on contraception. Ninety-eight percent of Catholic women have used a modern contraceptive method at some point in their lives.
  • Catholics throughout the United States support access to contraception for all women and men, regardless of where they happen to work. It is discriminatory to deny these women and men access to this important provision simply because the institution where they work or the school they attend is religiously affiliated. Individuals have consciences—institutions do not— and no employee’s boss should be able to prevent a person from following his or her conscience.
  • Expansive refusal clauses that allow certain institutions and universities to refuse to provide coverage for contraception are not what Americans wanted as a part of healthcare reform. Federal dollars should be used for the common good and to enable people to exercise their conscience-based healthcare decisions. The original vision of our founding fathers on religious freedom would have it no other way.

We need your voice.

We are beginning to hear from activists around the country that local bishops are increasingly active on the HHS decision. Please let us know if you have experienced this, or if you would be willing to share your story as a Catholic who supports contraceptive access with the media.

If you need assistance locating contact information for your local media or if you would like sample letters to use, please contact Sonja Spoo at activists [at] catholicsforchoice [dot] org or by phone at (202) 986-6093.